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Yiting Liu 12 Burning Questions

Yiting Liu, CFA

From favorite pastimes to favorite investing podcasts, get to know international analyst Yiting Liu, CFA, through these 12 rapid-fire questions.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your career?
A: Definitely continuous learning and growth on the job.

Q: If you could spend the weekend in any city, where would you go?
A: San Diego, CA. I’ve never been and it offers everything I need at the moment — beautiful weather, sunny beaches and lots of baby-friendly activities.

Q: What part of your research coverage could you spend all day talking about?
A: I’m a generalist on the international team, so I would have to say that there are just so many unique business models internationally, ranging from airport operators to deathcare companies.

Q: What sound do you love?
A: The sound of crashing waves by the sea. It’s not only calming, but hearing the sound gives me perspective right away — I feel so minuscule in comparison to vastness of the ocean.

Q: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
A: Being a psychologist — I considered studying sociology/psychology in college. Today, I really enjoy podcasts like “Hidden Brain,” which explores and questions the unconscious patterns that impact human behavior and our very complex world.

Q: Name one thing on your bucket list.
A: Skydiving in New Zealand.

Q: Best career or work-related book you’ve read?
A: I really enjoyed “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. It’s not directly work related, but it reinforces the principle that life is short and the importance of following your dreams and passions.

Q: Favorite non-work related pastime?
A: Going to a coffee shop to read, people watch and let my mind wander.

Q: Favorite investing blog, podcast or social media account.
A: Three of my favorite podcasts are “Invest Like the Best”, “Odd Lots” and “We Study Billionaires.”

Q: Coffee or tea?
A: Coffee, but I’m not a coffee snob. Any black coffee will do.

Q: Would you rather go camping or vacation at a beach resort?
A: Beach resort for sure. I love pretty much anything water related, including swimming, wakeboarding, snorkeling and diving.

Q: What movie have you seen at least 20 times, but you will always be up for watching again?
A: I love 80s and 90s classics, so “Forest Gump”, “Rain Man” and “Dirty Dancing.”

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