Our research analysts are industry specialists with extensive knowledge and insight. Their unique industry perspectives are featured in this monthly series.

Organized by sector teams, analysts develop their own models with criteria relevant to their industries and sectors versus applying one common set of criteria to discern intrinsic value. In addition, most of our research is generated internally, insulating us from much of Wall Street’s white noise.

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Waiting for the Right Pitch »
By John Loesch, CFA »
April 2015
“After following and admiring BOK Financial Corp.  for nearly five years, we finally got the ‘right pitch’ in late 2014.”
Cabela’s: Little Room for Error »
By Jenny Hubbard, CFA »
March 2015
“CAB has set the bar high in terms of long-term earnings growth targets, giving the company little room for error.”
Hub Group: A Long-Term Investment Thesis »
By Jason Downey, CFA »
February 2015
“We took advantage of price declines in response to near-term earnings disappointments to add to our position.”
IBM: When a Company Veers Off the Roadmap »
By Nate Palmer, CFA, CPA »
January 2015
“...the long-term earnings roadmap inevitably became a short-term
earnings roadmap as time passed and 2015 approached.”
When is a “Turnaround” not really a “Turnaround”? »
By Austin Hawley, CFA »
December 2014
“In our view, Willis is a very good company; one which can weather the short-term headwinds it faces and significantly improve its results over the next few years.”
Minimizing Bond Risks through Diligent Credit Analysis »
By John McClain, CFA »
November 2014
“We like to invest in the bonds of companies that have hard assets with strong market values.”
Unlocking Alere’s Potential »
By Igor Golalic, CFA »
October 2014
“Alere's core business exhibits characteristics that we want to see in companies in which we invest.”
Panic in Bermuda: When Your Business Turns into an “Interesting New Asset Class” »
By Krishna Mohanraj, CFA »
September 2014
“With too much capital chasing too few opportunities, the reinsurance industry is facing an existential threat that seems more permanent than cyclical.”
Hospitals: No Longer in the ICU »
By Kyle Schneider, CFA »
August 2014
“We believe LifePoint's strong free cash flow, flexible balance sheet, and conservative culture create adequate downside protection.”
Mind the Gap »
July 2014
“On the surface, Gap quantitatively appears appealing but, in our opinion, less so on a qualitative basis.”
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