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Positioning for Rising Inflation and Interest Rates / An Update and Interview with Bill Zox, CFA »
April 29, 2011
On April 28, 2010 Bill Zox, CFA, Portfolio Manager of the Diamond Hill Strategic Income Strategy published a piece titled “Positioning for Rising Inflation and Interest Rates.” This subject is still topical one year later. In the following conversation, Bill...
Diamond Hill Long-Short Strategy 2010 Slump in a Five-Year Season »
January 7, 2011
Historical performance for Class C shares and Class I shares prior to their inception is based on the performance of Class A shares. Class C and Class I performance has been adjusted to reflect differences in sales charges and expenses...
Managing for the Long-Term »
June 16, 2010
Managing for the long-term is a central tenet of everything we do at Diamond Hill. Externally, we frequently emphasize our long-term focus as it relates to our investment philosophy; however it applies equally to the way we manage our organization...
Positioning For Rising Inflation and Interest Rates »
April 28, 2010
Investor concern about rising inflation and interest rates has continued to grow as the recovery in the markets and real economy has progressed. Although the timing and magnitude are difficult to predict, we believe that rising inflation and interest rates...
Managing Risk and What We Learned From The Crisis »
December 31, 2009
With the possible exception of technology stocks around the turn of the century, the volatility we have seen in the broad stock market, and particularly in financial stocks, is unprecedented since at least the 1930s. The S&P 500 Index lost...
Market Returns – 1970s and Today »
June 30, 2009
As I have stated many times, I was very fortunate to get started in this business in 1982. The bull market, which began in August of that year and lasted until 2000, helped make it a wonderful period to be...
The Importance of Being Long-Term »
June 15, 2009
At Diamond Hill we consistently tell our clients that we aspire to achieve superior returns over periods of five years or longer. Our dedication to a long-term investment orientation is clearly articulated in our mission statement: Committed to the Graham-Buffett...
S&P 500 REDUX »
January 31, 2009
Past Predictions At the inception of Diamond Hill in May 2000, we expected the total return of the S&P 500 to moderate to no more than 5% per annum over the coming decade, considerably lower than what had been experienced...
Historical Perspective on Bear Markets and Our Current Market Outlook »
November 24, 2008
A Review of Past Bear Markets Broad stock market declines are very disturbing. They come about as a result of stock prices climbing too high (greed) in combination with developing economic problems, and are usually exacerbated by human emotion (fear)....
“It is better to be approximately right, than precisely wrong.” »
August 8, 2008
The above quote from Warren Buffett suggests to us that if we can assess the future economic fundamentals reasonably well and maintain our valuation discipline, we will continue to provide a value-added service to those who invest with us, which...
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