A Long-Term Oriented, Intrinsic Value Approach

A key differentiator of our U.S. equity strategies is our intrinsic value philosophy, in which we


  • Treat every investment as a partial ownership interest in that company
  • Invest with discipline to increase potential return and protect capital
  • Possess a long-term investment temperament (five years or longer)
  • Recognize that market price and intrinsic value tend to converge over a reasonable period of time

Care to know more about our approach? The following provide a good introduction to our unique intrinsic value approach, long-term orientation and client alignment.

Value Investing, Evolved

Investment Letters | July 13, 2020
Value investing is alive and well—despite an evolving economy. We believe understanding the source of value creation is critical for success.

Issuance in the high yield market has exploded over the last decade and assets are concentrated with the largest managers. Learn why we believe in disciplined capacity management and why this important practice is often overlooked in the industry.

Diamond Hill’s Large Cap portfolio manager, Chuck Bath was recently featured on Morningstar’s The Long View podcast where he discussed competitive advantages, inflation, and what he considers to be the market’s ‘sweet spot.’

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