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Diamond Hill Capital Management Names Chief Investment Officer

COLUMBUS, OHIO, January 5, 2021 – Diamond Hill Capital Management, an independent active asset manager and a subsidiary of Diamond Hill Investment Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DHIL), today announced Matthew Stadelman, CFA, has been named Chief Investment Officer effective December 31, 2020.

This change will allow portfolio manager Austin Hawley, who has been serving as CIO, to focus his time exclusively on managing the Diamond Hill Large Cap and All Cap Select Strategies. As CIO, Stadelman will act as an external voice of the investment team, communicating investment philosophy and process to clients, while providing leadership for portfolio managers and the trading team internally.

“The introduction of a fully dedicated CIO is a positive step forward for our organization that will allow our portfolio managers to devote even more time and energy to generating excellent outcomes for our clients,” Heather Brilliant, CEO of Diamond Hill, said. “Taking on the CIO role is a natural extension of Matthew’s current responsibilities within our organization. With experience across both equity and fixed income asset classes, and as someone who is steeped in Diamond Hill’s investment philosophy, process, culture and values, he is the ideal candidate for this role.”

Prior to becoming CIO, Stadelman led Diamond Hill’s equity portfolio specialist team, working closely with the portfolio management team. As CIO, Stadelman will collaborate with portfolio managers but will not have any portfolio decision-making responsibilities, allowing portfolio managers the freedom and autonomy to execute their investment philosophy.

Before joining Diamond Hill in January 2012, Stadelman served as vice president of portfolio management and research at Bowling Portfolio Management and held roles at RBC Capital Markets and Huron Consulting Group. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Miami University and is a CFA charterholder.

Stadelman, King Join Management Team

As part of this new role, Stadelman will replace Hawley on the management team. General Counsel Carlotta King will also be joining the management team.

Stadelman and King, along with Brilliant, Chief People Officer Anna Corona, Chief Client Officer Jo Ann Quinif and Chief Financial Officer Tom Line, will serve as the company’s primary decision-making body, responsible for overall business strategy and corporate capital allocation. As corporate secretary, King focuses on the relationship between the board and the management team, making her a valued contributor to the management team’s strategy discussions.

“These changes position Diamond Hill to thrive for the long term,” Brilliant added. “We are confident Matthew and Carlotta will continue to be key contributors to our success.”

About Diamond Hill Capital Management

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Diamond Hill is an independent active asset manager with significant employee ownership and $25.4 billion in assets under management as of November 30, 2020. Investment strategies include long-only U.S. and international equity, alternative long-short equity and fixed income. Diamond Hill invests on behalf of institutions and individuals by providing strategies that deliver lasting value through a shared commitment to its intrinsic value investment philosophy, long-term perspective, disciplined approach and alignment with client interests. For more information please visit

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