Long-term capital appreciation by investing in companies selling for less than our estimate of intrinsic value.

Investment Strategy

  • To estimate intrinsic value, the business must be understandable, and we must be able to reasonably forecast its cash flows. We seek businesses with sustainable competitive advantages, conservative balance sheets, and management with an ownership mentality.
  • Investments are sold when the stock price reaches our estimate of intrinsic value, our estimate of intrinsic value is revised such that there is no longer a discount to intrinsic value, a holding reaches our stated maximum position size, or to raise proceeds for a more attractive opportunity.


Portfolio Guidelines

  • Typically 35-55 positions
  • Maximum sector exposure is 35%
  • Maximum single foreign country exposure is 30%
  • Minimum international exposure is 80%
  • Maximum emerging market exposure is 30%

Market Capitalization

The portfolio typically invests in securities with a market cap of $1 billion or greater.

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