At Diamond Hill, our goal is to be an exceptional active investment boutique that our clients trust to deliver excellent long-term investment outcomes from a team aligned with their success.

The Guiding Principles of Our Investment Philosophy


We recognize that market price and investment value are independent in the short term but tend to converge over time.

Long Term

We maintain a long-term focus both in investment analysis and management of our business.


We invest with discipline to increase potential return and protect capital.


We treat every investment as a partial ownership interest in that company and align our interests with our clients through significant personal investment in our strategies.

Our intrinsic value philosophy is shared by all our portfolio managers and research analysts, allowing us to apply our investment discipline consistently across all equity and fixed income strategies.

Each portfolio is supported by our entire research team, all of whom are dedicated to bottom-up, fundamental analysis and provide research coverage across the capital structure.

We believe we can achieve better-than-market returns over the long term through active portfolio management, and our primary focus is always on achieving value-added results for our clients.

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