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About Us

Great outcomes require great partnerships

We are fiercely committed to generating excellent, long-term investment outcomes and building enduring partnerships. We accomplish this through our shared investment principles and client alignment philosophy.

Our shared investment principles

Our shared investment principles align our investment professionals across multiple capabilities, are foundational to how we invest and support our aim of generating excellent long-term investment results.

Active, fundamental approach

An active, research-driven approach that capitalizes on our intellectual curiosity and unique insights is essential to deliver better returns than benchmarks or peers.


Investing with an ownership mentality requires deep due diligence to build the conviction needed to invest over the long term.

Long term

Focusing on the long term allows us to look beyond near-term noise, allowing clients to realize the benefits of our deep, disciplined research process.

Valuation discipline

We believe the best way to compound returns is to take an ownership stake in an investment at a discount to its underlying value and have the discipline to wait for that value to be realized.

Strategic capacity management

Prudent capacity management protects our ability to generate competitive long-term investment results for our clients.

Our client alignment philosophy

We build long-term partnerships by aligning our interests with those of our clients. This philosophy ensures our clients' best interests come first.

Clients benefit when we keep asset levels in check

Greater assets under management (AUM) lead to higher revenue for managers but can negatively impact existing clients' performance. Our portfolio managers are incentivized to close strategies to protect their ability to generate excess returns.

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We're invested with our clients, so when they win, we win

Our portfolio managers have significant personal investments in the strategies they manage, promoting alignment with clients.

Returns are what motivate us

Portfolio manager compensation is driven by investment results over rolling five-year periods, ensuring they are focused singularly on delivering excellent long-term outcomes.

Reasonable fees allow clients to hold on to more of their return

Our clients are best served when they capture the majority of outperformance. Therefore, we set competitive fees that still allow us to build and retain an investment team capable of achieving excellent results.

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Our investment capabilities

Our emphasis on investment excellence fosters an environment that cultivates creative thinking and unique insights in four key asset classes.

Assets under management

$24.5 BillionAs of 31 May 2023

US Equity $MM
Large Cap 15,733
Small-Mid Cap (closed to most new investors) 2,482
Mid Cap 862
Select 427
Small Cap 290
Large Cap Concentrated 80
International Equity
International 60
Long-Short 1,711
Fixed Income
Short Duration Securitized Bond 1,303
Core Bond 1,010
Short Duration Investment Grade 165
Additional Fixed Income1 322

1 Includes assets from non-marketed separate accounts.

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