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DEI at Diamond Hill

Our DEI philosophy

We believe being intentional and proactive in pursuit of accelerating changes can positively impact our industry and community.

To support our aim of generating excellent investment outcomes for clients, we are focused on improving racial, ethnicity and gender representations at all levels throughout our company.

Read our full diversity, equity and inclusion philosophy

Progress on our pledge

In 2020, we formalized and amplified our efforts to support DEI, starting with a pledge that established clear commitments. We know DEI is a continuous journey and recognize that transparency and accountability are critical to driving real change. In our first annual report, we discuss progress made on our pledge as well as future commitments.

Read our DEI annual report

Future commitments

Our support of DEI initiatives and efforts to promote DEI at Diamond Hill, in our industry and community are part of our long-term goals. The commitments we made in the pledge were just our initial step on our journey. We plan to make new commitments as needed to ensure we remain focused on our goals and build on the progress we have made so far.

Read our future commitments

Diamond Hill's DEI pillars

Established in our DEI pledge, our initiatives are driven by enthusiastic and dedicated team members who prioritize actions across four pillars.

Learn more about our DEI Pledge

Inclusive culture
  • Nurture an inclusive culture that encourages associates to bring their whole selves to work and creates a sense of belonging.
  • Promote an environment where diverse viewpoints and ideas can be heard and appreciated.
  • Provide associates with activities, dialogue and training that fosters awareness, learning and trust.
Workforce diversity
  • Create, retain and promote an inclusive workforce.
  • Broaden recruiting efforts to build and nurture a diverse talent pipeline.
Philanthropy and community
  • Focus on building a more diverse financial services industry talent pipeline through philanthropic and community initiatives.
  • Highlight and emphasize efforts that focus on historically underrepresented groups.
  • Seek to support organizations that contribute to a vibrant minority business community.
Vendors and policy
  • Utilize our discretionary expenditures and vendor relationships to encourage partners we conduct business with to embrace our commitment to DEI.
  • Continually evaluate our internal policies, processes and philosophies to ensure they combat systemic biases and create an environment of equity and inclusivity.
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