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Large Cap Concentrated Strategy

We are long-term, intrinsic value investors who treat each share of stock as a true ownership interest. We look to buy what we believe are good businesses we can understand at a discount to our estimate of intrinsic value.


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Chuck Bath, CFA

Portfolio Manager

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Austin Hawley, CFA

Portfolio Manager

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Brian Fontanella, CFA

Portfolio Specialist

Philosophy and process highlights

Under our intrinsic value philosophy, we:

Treat every investment as a partial ownership interest in that company

Seek to invest at a discount to intrinsic value

Possess a long-term investment temperament

Recognize that market price and intrinsic value tend to converge over a reasonable period of time

Our approach to sustainability

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Period and Annualized Total Returns (%) As of 31 Dec 2022
Since Inception
(31 Dec 2011)
Gross of Fees 12.33 12.57 8.53 7.17 -12.59 -12.59 12.30
Net of Fees 11.58 11.82 7.84 6.51 -13.12 -13.12 12.13
Russell 1000 Index 12.74 12.37 9.13 7.35 -19.13 -19.13 7.24
Russell 1000 Value Index 10.93 10.29 6.67 5.96 -7.54 -7.54 12.42
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Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Composite results reflect the reinvestment of dividends, capital gains and other earnings when appropriate. Net returns are calculated by reducing the gross returns by the highest stated fee in the composite fee schedule. Only transaction costs are deducted from gross of fees returns. Prior to 30 September 2022, actual fees were used in calculating net returns. All net returns were changed retroactively to reflect the highest fee in the composite fee schedule. To view a GIPS Report for all composites, click here.

Calendar Year Returns (%)

Year Gross of Fees Net of FeesRussell 1000 IndexRussell 1000 Value Index
2022 -12.59 -13.12 -19.13 -7.54
2021 27.43 26.65 26.45 25.16
2020 10.51 9.79 20.96 2.80
2019 31.76 30.90 31.43 26.54
2018 -7.17 -7.77 -4.78 -8.27
2017 19.26 18.48 21.69 13.66
2016 19.17 18.33 12.05 17.34
2015 -0.58 -1.28 0.92 -3.83
2014 10.70 9.92 13.24 13.45
2013 38.75 37.78 33.11 32.53
2012 10.00 9.23 16.42 17.51

Peer Group Quartile Rankings1 As of 31 Dec 2022



Portfolio Characteristics vs Benchmark2 As of 31 Dec 2022

  Large Cap Concentrated Composite Russell 1000 IndexRussell 1000 Value Index
Inception 31 Dec 2011
Status Open
Median Forward P/E 16.4x 17.8x16.7x
Median Trailing P/E 17.3x 20.3x18.7x
Median Price/Book 4.4x 3.0x2.5x
Median Price/Sales 2.3x 2.4x2.2x
Median Market Cap. $137.2B $11.7B$10.7B
Weighted Average Market Cap. $245.2B $358.9B$137.9B
Portfolio Turnover (5-Year) 43%
Active Share vs Core/Value Benchmark 86%/92%
Upside/Downside Capture Ratio vs Core Benchmark 98%/100%
Upside/Downside Capture Ratio vs Value Benchmark 108%/102%

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Portfolio Guidelines

  • Typically 20 positions
  • Maximum position size is 10%
  • Top 10 holdings are typically greater than 50% of net assets
  • Maximum industry exposure is 25%
  • Maximum sector exposure is 35%

Market Capitalization

Holdings are derived from holdings in the Diamond Hill Large Cap portfolio. The Large Cap Concentrated portfolio typically invests in companies with a market capitalization of $15 billion or greater.

Top Ten Equity Holdings3 As of 31 Dec 2022

  Sector % of Net Assets
American International Group, Inc. Financials 8.7
Abbott Laboratories Health Care 6.6
ConocoPhillips Energy 6.0
PepsiCo, Inc. Consumer Staples 5.8
Alphabet, Inc. (Cl A) Communication Services 5.1
Caterpillar, Inc. Industrials 5.1
Truist Financial Corp. Financials 5.0
Texas Instruments, Inc. Info. Technology 5.0
NVR, Inc. Cons. Discretionary 4.8
General Motors Co. Cons. Discretionary 4.6
Total as % of Net Assets 56.7%
Total number of equity holdings 20

Sector Allocation4 (%) As of 31 Dec 2022

Russell 1000 Index
Russell 1000 Value Index


1 Source: eVestment Analytics. Ranking within eVestment US Large Cap Value Equity universe based on monthly returns gross of fees. Ranking data calculated on 20 Jan 2023 (as of 31 Dec 2022) and is subject to change as additional firms within the category submit data. Diamond Hill pays an annual fee to eVestment to access their platform and to use their data, including peer group rankings, in marketing materials. Diamond Hill does not pay for the ranking.

2 Source: FactSet. Active Share: Source: FactSet. Active share measures the difference between portfolio holdings and the benchmark. The higher the active share, the greater the difference. The Russell 1000 Index is the core benchmark. The Russell 1000 Value Index is the value benchmark. Upside/Downside Capture: Source: eVestment Analytics based on monthly returns (gross of fees) from 1 Jan 2012– 31 Dec 2022.

3 Securities referenced may not be representative of all portfolio holdings. The reader should not assume that an investment in the securities was or will be profitable.

4 Cash & Other may include cash, treasuries, money market funds and short duration fixed income funds.

Index data source: London Stock Exchange Group PLC. See for a full copy of the disclaimer.

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