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Our DEI Philosophy

Systemic racism is a reality that can be addressed only with measurable, sustained action. We are committed to being intentional and proactive in the pursuit of accelerating changes that positively impact our industry and community.

We believe every person should be treated with respect and dignity. To support our aim of generating excellent investment outcomes for clients, we commit to celebrating and supporting the unique characteristics of individuals, specifically those who have been historically marginalized. We are focused on improving racial, ethnicity and gender representations at all levels throughout our organization. We pledge our support to clients and partners who are also on their own DEI journeys. And we are deliberate and focused in deploying our corporate and philanthropic resources.

Our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are driven by enthusiastic and dedicated associates who prioritize actions across four pillars.

Inclusive culture

We believe an inclusive culture is one in which associates can bring their whole selves to work. To create a sense of belonging and promote the open exchange of ideas, we are committed to fostering an environment where diverse viewpoints and ideas can be heard and appreciated. Further, we commit to providing associates with activities, dialogue and training that advances awareness, learning and trust.

Workforce diversity

We are committed to creating, retaining and promoting an inclusive workforce, which includes broadening recruiting efforts to build and nurture a diverse talent pipeline.

Philanthropy and community

We believe we can build a more diverse financial services industry talent pipeline through philanthropic and community initiatives, highlighting and emphasizing efforts that focus on historically underrepresented groups. We seek to support organizations that contribute to a vibrant minority business community.

Vendors and policy

We aim to conduct business with and support partners who embrace our commitment to DEI. We are committed to continually evaluating our internal policies, processes and philosophies to ensure they combat systemic biases and create an environment of equity and inclusivity. We remain committed to a future where our company, our industry and our community is diverse, equitable and inclusive. We will continue to engage in a wide range of long-term efforts to ensure this commitment is honored and our actions are sustained.

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