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Our primary focus is delivering great long-term investment outcomes for clients. In doing so, we believe we can generate lasting value for our shareholders, aided by a strong culture of compliance and governance.

The Diamond Hill management team

Our management team sets strategic goals and provides oversight for all areas of the company.

The team’s purpose is to ensure client alignment is intentionally embedded into all operations. The management team also provides clarity and guidance on where associates should focus to continue fostering an environment of excellence and client outcomes that surpass expectations.

The board of directors of Diamond Hill Investment Group, Inc.

Our corporate board represents the interests of our public company shareholders.

In performing its duties, the corporate board is guided by three key pillars — oversight, insight and foresight. These pillars form a framework to ensure our business is successful in all respects by fostering sustainable, long-term business objectives, strategies and performance. In fulfilling its duties to our clients and public company shareholders, the corporate board regularly interacts with management to ensure the firm is managed with this long-term perspective in mind.

Six of the seven directors on the corporate board are independent, including the board chair, and meet the applicable independence requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission and NASDAQ.

Each of the roles and duties of the corporate board chair and the CEO are separate and occupied by different people.
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The board of trustees of the Diamond Hill Funds

The Diamond Hill Funds board of trustees represents the interests of fund shareholders.

The trustees, along with fund officers, are constantly guided by their fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of fund shareholders and to provide rigorous oversight of the management and operation of the Diamond Hill Funds. We recognize that trust is key to our relationship with fund shareholders. To build this trust, we are committed to providing full disclosure and transparency regarding fund governance.

All members of the fund board of trustees are independent. In addition, trustee compensation is paid solely in shares of the Diamond Hill Funds and must remain invested in such funds for each trustee’s entire board tenure.
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Promoting diversity

At Diamond Hill, we believe strong, effective boards include directors with diverse skills, perspectives and experiences.

We believe cognitive diversity — having a variety of viewpoints and ways of processing information — is beneficial for organizational decision making, problem solving and our sustained competitiveness. As a result, all members of our corporate board and fund board have deep industry experience as well as unique skills, perspectives and backgrounds.

Additionally, we believe a board’s composition should, at a minimum, reflect the diversity of its stakeholders, and that including perspectives of historically under represented groups, such as women and minorities, can contribute to long-term, sustainable value creation and reduce risk over time. Therefore, in addition to cognitive diversity, Diamond Hill is committed to continue making diversity of gender, race, ethnicity and other under-represented groups a priority for our corporate board and fund board.
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*See our NASDAQ Board Diversity Matrix.

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