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At Diamond Hill, our goal is to be an exceptional active investment boutique that our clients trust to deliver excellent long-term investment outcomes from a team aligned with their success.

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We resolve to do our part to foster diversity and inclusion at Diamond Hill, in our industry and within our community.

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Opportunities Across the Cap Spectrum

We recently asked portfolio managers Chris Welch, CFA, and Aaron Monroe, CFA, about their thoughts on the current market environment and where they are finding investment opportunities.


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Investment Letters

Strengthen Your Core: The Off-Benchmark Benefit

A core fixed income allocation can help mitigate near-term volatility, but a rising interest rate environment presents a challenge. To strengthen your core allocation, look beyond traditional benchmark exposures to find opportunities that will position your portfolio to add value in various market environments.

Investment Letters

4 Reasons to Invest Internationally

Four reasons investing internationally remains a sound investment strategy, and why investors should assess their equity allocations today to ensure they are properly diversified and well positioned for the next 10 years—and beyond.

Industry Perspectives

The Race Is on for 5G Dominance

Analyst Ryan Garcar, CFA, discusses the current 5G landscape and why it’s imperative for wireless carriers to start developing and monetizing their networks in earnest.

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