While our selection process is driven by bottom-up, fundamental research with a strict valuation discipline, finding attractive companies that will also benefit from long-term macroeconomic trends can give us multiple ways to win.
Understanding Trends and Consumer Tastes in the Restaurant Industry
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Brian Hilderbrand, CFA
While we are encouraged by secular trends that should benefit the restaurant industry over the long term, we remain selective due to intense competition, tepid grocery inflation, and valuations.
The Case for a Strategic Allocation to High Yield
Fixed Income Insights: An Educational Series
By Douglas Gimple
  • The high yield market has come a long way since its creation in the early 1970s, evolving from a tactical asset class to a significant component of investors’ asset allocation.
  • Dispelling the myths around the asset class is key to understanding the opportunity and value provided by high yield corporate credit.
  • Understanding the nuances of the high yield market can provide investors with exposure to the asset class while potentially avoiding some of the pitfalls of benchmark construction and ETFs.

John Loesch, Banking analyst, Co-Director of Research and Portfolio Manager joins us for an in-depth discussion about Bank OZK, a high-quality bank that has demonstrated an unmatched ability to grow intrinsic value at attractive rates and has done so with remarkable consistency. Businesses like Bank OZK don’t come along every day, and John discusses what excites us about these types of investments. Read more about Bank OZK in our August Industry Perspective.

Bank OZK: A True Compounder
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By John Loesch, CFA
Identifying businesses with unique business models, skilled management teams, and competitive positioning, which have also demonstrated an ability to grow intrinsic value at attractive rates over the long term, is what truly excites us.

The guest for this episode is Josh Barber. Josh is one of the portfolio managers on our financial long/short strategy, a sleeve manager for the research opportunity strategy, and his research focus is on REITs title and mortgage insurance.

We believe the combination of best internet services for users, providing best-in-class self-serve advertising platforms to advertisers, as well as other internet ecosystem benefits will position Google and Facebook well for the coming years.
The Universal Benchmark for U.S. Fixed Income
Fixed Income Insights: An Educational Series
By Douglas Gimple
  • Antiquated rules and strict limitations result in a benchmark that fails to capture the entire investable universe but provides opportunities for diligent managers.
  • Changes in the market since the Financial Crisis have led to a dramatic evolution of the benchmark.
  • Focusing upon the best risk/reward opportunities in the market positions Diamond Hill to take advantage of market dislocations driven by benchmark construction.
Thinking Inside the Box: The Self-Storage Industry
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Josh Barber, CFA
We believe a focus on balance sheet is very important when evaluating real estate investment trusts.

The guest for this podcast is Aaron Monroe, sector lead for our consumer group, assistant portfolio manager for our small cap strategy and coverage for our gaming, lodging and leisure research. In our discussion today, we’ll talk about Aaron’s career path to Diamond Hill, the importance of the CFA designation in our business, his visits to parking lots and other places, and searching for value as an investor.

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