Consumer analyst Jenny Hubbard discusses how third-party platforms have enabled Western retail brands to quickly build a meaningful presence in China and if we believe this positive momentum is sustainable.

Our research team has spent over 10 years evaluating international businesses. In the first installment of our new International Perspectives series, portfolio managers Grady Burkett and Krishna Mohanraj discuss how our bottom-up approach is applied to both domestic and international businesses and why we believe we are well-positioned to deliver competitive returns in the international space.
Keeping an Eye on China
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Jenny Hubbard, CFA
Although the favorable backdrop in China for Western brands could persist for some time, we believe we are at the point for valuations where more things could go wrong than right.

Portfolio Manager John McClain, CFA, joins us to discuss why we find the BBB segment of the fixed income market compelling and where opportunities lie in the space.

Aircraft Engine Manufacturers: Providing the Thrust
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Harsh Acharya, CFA
Delayed profitability makes commercial aircraft engine manufacturing companies susceptible to being undervalued, a fact that is especially evident to us as long-term investors.
Copa Holdings: Flying Below the Radar
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Suken Patel, CFA
While the airline industry has a well-deserved reputation as an investing graveyard, Copa breaks this mold.
The “Edge Effect” in Investing: Advantages of a Global Mindset
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Krishna Mohanraj, CFA
For investors, a global mindset is no longer just an edge, it has become table stakes for success.
Not All Mortgages Are the Same
Fixed Income Perspectives: An Educational Series
By Douglas Gimple
  • The mortgage-backed securities market has grown into a diverse market, offering investors a multitude of differentiated products to meet specific needs.
  • Agency and non-agency mortgage-backed securities have historically provided attractive yields and high credit quality, as well as a wide variety of available securities.
  • The market is complex and ever-evolving, but there are opportunities for managers to leverage different types of mortgage-backed securities to mitigate risk.
  • At Diamond Hill, we believe security selection is key and apply a bottom-up approach to identify, and capitalize on, market inefficiencies.
Stericycle: Waste Not, Want Not
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Laura O’Dell, CFA
We believe that the recent stock depreciation is a market overreaction to near-term headwinds that are hiding the true long-term potential of the underlying business.
We believe that thorough coverage of many domestic industries increasingly requires thorough coverage of international industries.
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