The “Edge Effect” in Investing: Advantages of a Global Mindset
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Krishna Mohanraj, CFA
For investors, a global mindset is no longer just an edge, it has become table stakes for success.
Not All Mortgages Are the Same
Fixed Income Perspectives: An Educational Series
By Douglas Gimple
  • The mortgage-backed securities market has grown into a diverse market, offering investors a multitude of differentiated products to meet specific needs.
  • Agency and non-agency mortgage-backed securities have historically provided attractive yields and high credit quality, as well as a wide variety of available securities.
  • The market is complex and ever-evolving, but there are opportunities for managers to leverage different types of mortgage-backed securities to mitigate risk.
  • At Diamond Hill, we believe security selection is key and apply a bottom-up approach to identify, and capitalize on, market inefficiencies.
Stericycle: Waste Not, Want Not
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Laura O’Dell, CFA
We believe that the recent stock depreciation is a market overreaction to near-term headwinds that are hiding the true long-term potential of the underlying business.
We believe that thorough coverage of many domestic industries increasingly requires thorough coverage of international industries.
The Evolution of the Asset-Backed Securities Market
Fixed Income Perspectives: An Educational Series
By Douglas Gimple
  • Growth in the asset-backed securities (ABS) market over the past 10 years has provided diversification and strong risk-reward characteristics in a sector largely ignored by the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Index.
  • As growth in some historic sectors of the ABS market slows, the emergence of new securitization sectors has expanded the opportunities available to investors.
  • The Diamond Hill fixed income team is able to exploit some of the pricing inefficiencies in the ABS market through our bottom-up analysis, along with our deep understanding of deal structures and the companies bringing them to market.
Bargain Shopping in China Amidst Trade Wars
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Kyle Schneider, CFA
While we hope for an amicable resolution to the trade dispute, Weigao should be a relative winner in the current economic climate.

Portfolio Manager John McClain, CFA, joins us to discuss recent developments in the high yield market and how volatility can provide opportunity for investors focused on security selection. After the difficulties of the previous month and the rough start to November, our high yield team believes that opportunities have been uncovered if investors focus on long term fundamentals.

While our selection process is driven by bottom-up, fundamental research with a strict valuation discipline, finding attractive companies that will also benefit from long-term macroeconomic trends can give us multiple ways to win.
Understanding Trends and Consumer Tastes in the Restaurant Industry
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Brian Hilderbrand, CFA
While we are encouraged by secular trends that should benefit the restaurant industry over the long term, we remain selective due to intense competition, tepid grocery inflation, and valuations.
The Case for a Strategic Allocation to High Yield
Fixed Income Perspectives: An Educational Series
By Douglas Gimple
  • The high yield market has come a long way since its creation in the early 1970s, evolving from a tactical asset class to a significant component of investors’ asset allocation.
  • Dispelling the myths around the asset class is key to understanding the opportunity and value provided by high yield corporate credit.
  • Understanding the nuances of the high yield market can provide investors with exposure to the asset class while potentially avoiding some of the pitfalls of benchmark construction and ETFs.
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