Our research analysts are industry specialists with extensive knowledge and insight. Their unique industry perspectives are featured in this monthly series.

Organized by sector teams, analysts develop their own models with criteria relevant to their industries and sectors versus applying one common set of criteria to discern intrinsic value. In addition, most of our research is generated internally, insulating us from much of Wall Street’s white noise.

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Thinking Inside the Box: The Self-Storage Industry »
By Josh Barber, CFA »
June 2018
We believe a focus on balance sheet is very important when evaluating real estate investment trusts.
Rewarding the Patient Investor: Red Rock Resorts »
By Aaron Monroe, CFA »
May 2018
In addition to strong company fundamentals, Red Rock also has an aligned management team with a long-term focus.
The Impact of Corporate Tax Reform on the Technology Sector »
By Nate Palmer, CFA, CPA »
April 2018
Cash and investments on the balance sheet remain a meaningful source of value at several current technology holdings.
Volatility in Airline Industry Stocks »
By Jason Downey, CFA »
March 2018
The industry’s long history of destroying capital continues to weigh on the minds of investors.
Global Opportunities in the Private Banking Industry »
By Tyler Ventura, CFA »
February 2018
Understanding competitive dynamics both inside and outside the United States has always been an important component of our research process.
Long-Term Thinking in the Cyclical Housing Industry »
By Micah Martin »
January 2018
The first rule in a cyclical business is that you have to be able to survive the trough of the cycle and come out on the other side.
Driving Our Investments into the Future »
By Brian Bath, CFA »
December 2017
We look for companies that recognize important trends such as electric and autonomous vehicles and take the appropriate steps to position themselves for success over the long term.
The Great Drug Pricing Debate: Could Value-Based Pricing be the Panacea? »
By Igor Golalic, CFA »
November 2017
Value-based pricing looks like a pragmatic long-term solution that ought to be implemented more broadly.
Consolidation in the Chemical Industry »
By Bobby Murphy, CFA, CPA »
October 2017
We believe the chemical companies we own are well-positioned in the long run to benefit from any number of scenarios as chemical industry consolidation continues.
Branded Apparel and Footwear: Navigating a New Paradigm »
By Jenny Hubbard, CFA »
September 2017
Amazon and other third-party e-commerce platforms present a higher growth avenue for most brands, but this opportunity does not come without risks.
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