“We believe Hub Group, Inc. (HUBG) and Pacer International, Inc. (PACR) are two companies poised to benefit from these industry trends.”
Excess Cash in the Technology Sector: A Source of Underappreciated Value
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Nate Palmer, CFA, CPA
“In the current environment, cash earns very little interest income, and therefore some valuation methods would overlook the cash and mistakenly assume that it has no value.”
The Property & Casualty Insurance Pricing Cycle: A Tale of Two Companies
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Austin Hawley, CFA
“...the interaction between cyclical industry dynamics and investor emotions can sometimes drive individual company valuations to extremes, providing opportunities...”
U.S. Healthcare System: Evolution Towards a Better Outcome
Industry Perspectives: A Monthly Research Analyst Series
By Igor Golalic, CFA
“Investors have recognized that the new paradigm should be positive for the sector long-term.”
At Diamond Hill, all of our portfolio managers have a five-year absolute return objective for their strategies. Those absolute return goals are one of three quantitative inputs in our portfolio manager incentive compensation calculations, along with five-year return relative to...
In June 2009, we published The Importance of Being Long-Term, which attempted to provide some context and quantitative rigor in support of our five-year investment horizon. That paper used over one hundred years of stock market history to support our...
In the letter titled “Managing for the Long-Term” dated June 16, 2010, Ric Dillon wrote about how the evolution of our organizational structure enables us to better manage our investment portfolios and business for the long-term. As mentioned in that...
The Diamond Hill Mission Statement calls on us “To serve our clients through a disciplined, intrinsic value-based approach to investing, while maintaining a long-term perspective and aligning our interests with those of our clients.” Our mission permeates the way we...
On April 28, 2010 Bill Zox, CFA, Portfolio Manager of the Diamond Hill Strategic Income Strategy published a piece titled “Positioning for Rising Inflation and Interest Rates.” This subject is still topical one year later. In the following conversation, Bill...
Historical performance for Class C shares and Class I shares prior to their inception is based on the performance of Class A shares. Class C and Class I performance has been adjusted to reflect differences in sales charges and expenses...
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