Our research analysts are industry specialists with extensive knowledge and insight. Their unique industry perspectives are featured in this monthly series.

Organized by sector teams, analysts develop their own models with criteria relevant to their industries and sectors versus applying one common set of criteria to discern intrinsic value. In addition, most of our research is generated internally, insulating us from much of Wall Street’s white noise.

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Branded Apparel and Footwear: Navigating a New Paradigm »
By Jenny Hubbard, CFA »
September 2017
Amazon and other third-party e-commerce platforms present a higher growth avenue for most brands, but this opportunity does not come without risks.
Focusing on Fundamentals in the Electric Utility Industry »
By Harsh Acharya, CFA »
August 2017
We feel more compelled to invest in utilities when our total expected return is competitive with that available in other sectors.
Life Science Tools: Secular Growth Drivers in a Pressured Health Care Market »
By Laura O’Dell, CFA »
July 2017
LST&D companies’ growth is being driven by several secular trends including lower-cost genetic testing, expansion of the middle class in emerging markets, and increasing use of biologic drugs.
Milking Value Out of the Dairy Industry »
By Greg Sumner, CFA »
June 2017
We believe the long-term outlook for the dairy industry, and therefore its suppliers, is quite attractive.
Revisiting Valeant Pharmaceuticals »
By Brian Fontanella, CFA »
May 2017
We continually try to improve our decision making and learn from both our successes and mistakes.
Health Care Re-reform »
By Kyle Schneider, CFA »
April 2017
We have been deliberate in targeting companies whose competitive advantages should persist under any reasonable outcome.
Finding Value in Discontinued Insurance Business »
By Krishna Mohanraj, CFA »
March 2017
As long-term investors with low turnover in our portfolios, we welcome opportunities to stay invested with companies that can create value across business cycles.
The Long and Short of Retail Investing »
February 2017
The nature of retail—fragmented and highly competitive—makes it difficult to increase prices year in and year out.
Vail Resorts: A Mountain Sized Moat »
By Aaron Monroe, CFA »
January 2017
The lack of new resorts enhances the value of the established ones, and Vail has accumulated some of the best.
Revisiting Excess Cash in the Technology Sector »
By Nate Palmer, CFA, CPA »
December 2016
“While there is inherent uncertainty associated with the specific timeframe within which each company may elect to repatriate overseas cash, recognizing the value of cash is likely to prove worthwhile for investors.”
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