Our research analysts are industry specialists with extensive knowledge and insight. Their unique industry perspectives are featured in this monthly series.

Organized by sector teams, analysts develop their own models with criteria relevant to their industries and sectors versus applying one common set of criteria to discern intrinsic value. In addition, most of our research is generated internally, insulating us from much of Wall Street’s white noise.

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Vail Resorts: A Mountain Sized Moat »
By Aaron Monroe, CFA »
January 19, 2017
The lack of new resorts enhances the value of the established ones, and Vail has accumulated some of the best.
Revisiting Excess Cash in the Technology Sector »
By Nate Palmer, CFA, CPA »
December 14, 2016
“While there is inherent uncertainty associated with the specific timeframe within which each company may elect to repatriate overseas cash, recognizing the value of cash is likely to prove worthwhile for investors.”
Global Energy: Positioning for the Long Term »
By Suken Patel, CFA »
November 16, 2016
“Unsurprisingly, many major oil producers continue to plan for a business-as-usual case in demand growth.”
CommScope’s Strengthening Competitive Position »
By Grady Burkett, CFA »
October 18, 2016
“Although CommScope’s financial results vary significantly from year to year, the firm’s steady improvements become clearer when viewed over longer time periods. ”
What to Buy in an Overvalued Sector? »
By Kapish Bhutani, CFA »
September 21, 2016
“We believe that investors chasing yield might be missing the big picture.”
Investing in the Midst of Disruption: The Internet’s Effect on Media and Retail »
By Bhavik Kothari, CFA »
August 17, 2016
“Technological shifts are often accompanied by increased uncertainty, but they also tend to present interesting investment opportunities.”
SVB: Market Uncertainty Creates Investment Opportunity »
By John Loesch, CFA »
July 21, 2016
“In an environment in which banks are struggling to grow revenue, SVB enjoys a unique model that generates growth rates at multiples of peers.”
Value Creation in the Transportation Industry »
By Jason Downey, CFA »
June 15, 2016
“As long-term investors, we welcome near-term weakness in the industry given the capital deployment opportunities it presents.”
Long and Short Opportunities in Branded Apparel and Footwear »
By Jenny Hubbard, CFA »
May 18, 2016
“Consumers’ fickle preferences for branded apparel and footwear product have always made it challenging to find compelling long-term investment opportunities in the industry.”
Payments Industry: Turning Threats into Opportunities »
By Tyler Ventura, CFA »
April 18, 2016
“The card-based payment industry has seen more innovation, and potential for disruption, in the last five years than the last five decades.”
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